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April 2020
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Three 30th Anniversary Shows down, three new songs performed and rough studio versions released to Club members: Hate Train, Just a Bullet Away and Hell and Back. A plethora of rare (and not so rare) songs played including the live premieres of Carpe Diem, Baby and To Live is to Die. Guests including Sean & Brian of Diamond Head, Bill Byford of Saxon, John Marshall, Apocalyptica, Marianne Faithful, Ray Haller (Sweet Savage), Kid Rock, John Bush, Lou Reed, Mercyful Fate, Jerry Cantrell, Garry Rossington, Jim Martin, Animal (Anti-Nowhere League), Glenn Danzig and Rob Halford.

Former Metallica member Jason Newsted also sat in each night for two songs per night.

But, is the best yet to come?

Dave Mustaine tweeted this: “I am up in SF for Metallica’s 30 anniversary. I look forward to celebrating with them.” – will Dave play or fill the slot that’s been reserved to remember Cliff Burton? …original bass player Ron McGovney is said to have been at each night’s show, will he make it to the stage tonight? We also hear that Bob Rock, Brian May and members of Black Sabbath might make an appearance tonight for night four.

There have been plethora of rumors floating around of songs that might make their live debuts during this series of shows. Frayed Ends of Sanity, Fixxxer and My Friend of Misery being the most talked about (but, probably just talk)… remember: night #3 had no live debut of any older material.



  • Blaster (of Muppets) says:

    Okay… waiting for Rebel of Babylon to surface…

  • Blaster says:
  • Cesar Costa says:

    Hit the Lights (w/ Lloyd Grant, Dave Mustaine, & Ron McGovney)

    Can’t even comment on that.

  • BoNeZ says:

    You know they did something special when even the comments on Blabbermouth are positive! Jason on lead vox for Whiplash! Dave on 5 songs! Dave, Lloyd, Ron…whaaat?!

  • manguy says:

    What was preventing them from playing a few more of these shows and whipping out every song from their catalogue?

    Ok, I am getting greedy!

  • manguy says:

    I like how they played all of Four Horsemen, No remorse and Phantom Lord. With Phantom they let Mustaine do all the solos.

  • Blaster of Muppets says:

    Not that crazy about Rebel of Babylon so far. It sounds the least finished in structure of the four songs, to me. It kind of meanders all over the place to my ears. Even the title sounds ‘metal band corny’ to me. Metallica has always had a no nonsense kind of approach largely staying away from all that imagery type crap. Rebel Of Babylon just feels like them trying to hard and just forcing it.

  • caspian says:

    nothing wrong with metal imagery. If you want boring "real" imagery, why not stick to alt rock or some other shitty genre?

  • JD says:

    Absolutely agreed, Blaster. Even the title RoB seems like a parody. Overall, way too busy.. some really cool riffs and Kirk’s solo starts off great… really cool harmony guitar bit but, just never really goes anywhere.

    The lyrics. The lyrics. Sigh, the lyrics… I understand this was the Layne Staley song, but they just seem to miss the mark and go way all over the place, way too wordy. Of course, who knows how far this went in the creative process – it’s perfectly reasonable that this would’ve been cleaned up had it made the album.

    Really disappointed the clean chorus got lost along the way.

    Another song that I think Bob Rock could’ve helped turn into a gem giving them a proper push to go a bit further.

    But, I’m still really appreciative that we even got these songs and not negative about any of it all. Just some honest critiquing.

  • JD says:

    A lot will be talked about of the past 4 gigs. Newsted, Mustaine and everything else. One little bit I think might be overlooked by a lot of people…

    Hugh Tanner.

    An often overlooked, but very important cog in the machine that built Metallica. Of all the people that made an appearance onstage with Metallica the past week, his name probabaly never got a mention. Everyone talked Jason, Dave, Ron and Lloyd.

    I remember doing all the research and reading up on Metallica’s history for the FAQs and histories I’ve written up. Tanner was kinda of an enigma. Yeah, we all knew what happened with Dave… Ron and Lloyd popped up via photographs and stories here and there. McGoveney even posts on the band’s website message board. But, Tanner… one of James’ High School friends never popped up. Well, at least that I was aware of… he was always kind of forgotten it Metallica lore. Years ago when I wrote the band bio’s that appeared on the website, I tried to document as much as I could and that included Hugh Tanner… sure glad I did.

    I guess the only person that was really missing at the Fillmore was Brad Parker/Damien Phillips.

  • Ice Nine says:

    JD, Blaster- I hear what you’re saying about the title "Rebel of Babylon" being somewhat of a cliche. But, I think we can excuse Metallica since they practically gave birth to this sub-genre of metal. Hence, they’re almost referencing themselves!

  • manguy says:

    Things can change, but right now my list is like this:

    1. Hate Train
    2. Bullet Away
    3. Hell and Back
    4. Rebel

    Funny, how that also lines up with the order they were played. Maybe its the number of listens I have had for each.

  • manguy says:

    Actually, switch Train with Bullet. Things have already changed.

  • Azrael says:

    Bob Rock is the musical equivalent of Michael Bay. Can we please not get all nostalgic about his influence?

  • JD says:

    Azrael – you obviously know little about Bob Rock/Metallica with that kind of statement.

    I know with Bob, we got music that wasn’t brickwalled and mixed properly.

  • Azrael says:

    To me, these songs have the same sound/feel as the Demo Magnetic versions of the songs. A little more polished, but they don’t sound as finished as what’s on the album. I enjoy them, I just think that they sound unfinished.
    Some of the riffs and lyrics are odd, and some sound too similar to other songs from the album. I’m surprised Bullet wasn’t more complete sounding, but I’m just going to treat BM as a deleted scenes extras feature.

  • Azrael says:

    I think I know plenty about Bob and the band. I’ve watched all of the vids as thoroughly and repeatedly as any obsessed mental patient/fan. It sounds good, but he was the non-metal influence, even going so far as to want to remove the Mercyful Fate medley from Garage. I am completely aware of the sonic problems with DM, but I’ll take it over Reload any day.

  • Blaster says:

    Touchy, touchy Caspian..

    It’s okay for me to not like something Metallica did. It’s okay for me to think metal, sword waving, storming the castle with fire breathing dragons imagery is silly. I’ll check with you next time I have a differing opinion.

    If I can find time between listening to my Red Hot Chili Peppers and other alt. rock records.

  • JD says:

    Metallica does what Metallica wants. Was Bob an influence? Yes, but the band always had final say. Bob’s engineering and ear is way above and beyond anything Rubin did/does. Rubin’s a ‘name’ and an enigma, not a producer.

    Bob did his job and he did his job well. But, yeah… anyone could add St. Anger to the discussion and we all end up scratching our heads… so perhaps my point is moot just because of the experimental/try something new that didn’t quite work the way it could’ve… but at least it had some stong vocals, which are one of the weak points of DM, in my book.

    I’d say ReLoad is only a notch or two above Death Magnetic in my book. Not an easy call as neither have the strength and quality of Master or even Load, for that matter.

    Blaming Bob Rock for Metallica ‘selling out,’ ‘changing,’ or whatever those crazy Blabbermouth/’let’s send Bob and his family a death threat’ type fans tend to say is just stupid. The band does what they want to do, they always have…

    I just think Death Magentic would’ve sounded A LOT better with Bob there. I think we’d have better souding guitars, better sound vocals (with harmonies) and a fuller sound that wasn’t brickwalled. I think we’d have the same songs I just think they’d sound better without the ‘copy and paste’ feel that I got on my initial listens.

  • JD says:

    At this point, Hell And Back is my fave of the new tunes. It’s a bit ‘stock’ but seems the most finished and polished of the four. Could’ve easily replaced Cyanide on the album as they’re both very, very similar is style and structure.

    H&B does repeat the title line a bit too much. James seems to say "hellenbach" a few times. The One style riff is a bit too abrupt but finds its place very quickly in the second go around.

    I love the Ramonesy guitar picking and how James’ vox works with it.

  • Blaster says:

    LOL @Death Magentic. Crayola now makes ‘Death Magenta’..

    I’m thrilled on the whole to have new stuff, and it’s great that most of it is good enough to where you can honestly have the conversation about which parts that made the album would you theoretically switch out with the new stuff. I can say for sure already that I would prefer Bullet, Hate Train to EOTL and Judas Kiss. It’s great to be able to say that even what didn’t make the album wasn’t just filler. I’d even be okay with switching Hell and Back with Unforgiven III, but I’d say they’re a tie.

    It’s just great to be able to legitimately say that. It speaks to the overall quality of what Metallica gives us.

  • kurt says:

    I’d take all four new ones over cyanide and S&R(actually have no problem with S&R, just prefer tunes with vocals in general). Maybe swap out EOTL, then there would be a tough choice after that. I like judas kiss, so that wouldn’t be one(although I’ve seen many list that as one to swap).

    I’d say there was a couple of little parts on babylon that had me cringe a little, but for the most part I think it’s pretty good. I am not at all bothered by the title,and I do hate the dungeons and dragons kind of metal. But they are not known for cheesy song titles(minus invisible kid I guess), so I didn’t even notice it until I saw some of the opinions here.

    Too bad they didn’t keep the pattern and play a never played song on the last two gigs, but no complaints from me. I am curious to see if this is available to purchase on itunes someday. I mean, it makes sense they would do that, right?

  • JD says:

    I like Judas Kiss, too – one of the best riffs on the album is in that song. I’m a huge fan of S&R…

    If I could express any type of disappointment with the Fillmore gigs it would be the lack of live debuts of more Metallica songs. It’s kinda hard to complain about something that was so amazing and cool (other than the fact that I wasn’t there). I think a lot of fans expected a few more of those new live songs… Fixxxer and Frayed Ends. But, with the amount of stuff going on – I understand that you can’t have everything. I’m sure there was plenty of prep involved and the orchestrating and rehearsing with the guests must not have been easy.

  • Tony says:

    in Rebel of Babylon..there’s some COC sounding stuff there, music and vocals… the riff after het goes "TONIGHTTTTTT"


    oh and Dimebag’s in there too..Anyone else hearing that??

  • battass says:

    those southern metal type riffs…ahhhh speaking of dimebag’s…….

  • caspian says:


  • MONSTER says:

    The songs are available on ITunes today. It’s called beyond magentic EP for $4.

  • kurt says:

    Yup, I bought em for my guys itunes accounts. I had em myself already, but I like supportin my band.

    You know, I think these are four good songs. Look at the new releases from many bands, how many good songs are on a cd? I’d say only a couple off of the last megadeth cd. I’d rather see a band release an ep of 3-5 good songs, than a full cd with 2/3 filler. Of course the preference is a full cd of quality stuff, but we all know you don’t often get that.

    The only thing I’m missing is the fact that I like picking up a physical CD in the store, but I think I better get used to not being able to do that. Those days are ending eventually.

  • Yukoner says:

    I don’t have a fuckin iPod or Mp3 player… I guess I have to step out of the stone age…

  • Friend of Misery says:

    You don’t need either. Just install iTunes on your PC.

  • JD says:

    They’re predicting death of the physical CD by the end of 2012. When I buy something I like having a physical product. Cover art, liner notes, portability are all musts as well.

    After living with the songs for a few days now and they’ve all had time to sink in… I think 3/4 of them are pretty solid, I’m not sure if they were all solid ‘A’ material – production may cloud that judgement somewhat, but some the lyrics seem a little, um, not quite there. The fourth song, well… I’m not sure if that should’ve been released.

  • ash says:

    Any possibility on these songs being released on Amazon? I don’t want to go through the hassle of creating an iTunes account just to officially support them and buy this, but I will if I have to. I already have an Amazon account. If I lived near Metallica HQ, I would seriously drive by, get out of my vehicle, and drop off $4 to whoever answered the door, and tell them to give $1 to James, $1 to Lars, $1 to Kirk, and $1 to Rob.

  • Friend of Misery says:

    I just noticed that Kirk seems to borrow from old solos at the end of Hell and Back. Listen for stuff from Kill ’em All.

  • kurt says:

    ash, maybe at some point it may be physical form, but I have a feeling this is the start of them embracing the digital age. I’m sure the next album will be physical though.

    I read/heard about the move to all digital music too. The report I heard said physical cd releases will be restricted to major acts only. It sure as hell will make itunes a monopoly in the music industry.

    JD, by the fourth song, do you mean babylon? I really dig that one. All four may benefit from final touches, but I can take em all as is. This is the kind of nugget that can hold us over till the next record, like I thought they should have done between st anger and DM.

  • manguy says:

    I am guessing the next record will be released simultaneously to both ITunes and at fine music stores (and a few bad ones)…

  • JD says:

    Yeah, I find Rebel of Babylon nothing short of a mess. I’ve warmed up to it a little as I’ve grown familiar with it; but, still it just seems very haphazard and all over the place.

  • Azrael says:

    #1 on iTunes. not surprising, but it’s interesting that 3 year old stuff that got left out gets such huge demand, especially when it was already basically released online for free.

    Listening to these, I’m still struck by how much I’d love to hear what would have been done to "finish" them. The changes between Demo Magnetic and the final album were mostly positive, particularly around lyrics. That same progression would be great to hear on these.
    That said, still love them. And in keeping with the norm, I love the song JD doesn’t.

  • JD says:

    I think the songs were *mostly* finished. These aren’t demos, these are rough, unmastered mixes… (well, they were mastered – but probably just for this release and not in the same sense Death Magnetic was).

    I think they were abandoned to focus on the songs that made the album… so in that respect, they’re unfinished, thing’s may’ve changed had they finished the creative process, but it’s probably unlikely there would’ve been huge changes to the songs.

    If you A/B Beyond Magnetic with Death Magnetic, BM is missing some of the ‘shine’ that DM has. There’s an obvious lack of ‘finish’ to it. But comparing BM to Demo Magnetic – well, it to shows that BM is a much more finished product.

  • kurt says:

    I kind of enjoy the mixed stew that is Babylon. Maybe it’s just my lust for the fast riffing. I also love the heavy riffing section following the bass breakdown. I like em all, but I would rate Hate Train last of the four.

  • JD says:

    I love fast riffing… but I’m more partial to song structure.

  • Tony says:

    ya hate train is a little stock later on
    love how each verse comes in tho

  • JD says:

    Hated the chorus of Hate Train at first, now I love it. I think James is probably trying a little too much on those high parts and I’m not sure if it fits totally the way I’d like it to… it’s definitely grown on me and become a high point of the new songs. Hate Train also has some of the best leads we’ve heard from Kirk in a long, long time.

    Hell & Back might be the most stock song on the EP. It just reeks of stock ala Cyanide. But, I think it might be the strongest of the four songs, too. Stock might not always be a bad thing.

  • Blaster of Muppets says:

    Bullet is my hands down favorite, I just love that hard drivin’ kind of Metallica, I think the lyrics are actually pretty good. I love the cold stop in the middle (which messes with everyone I’ve given a listen) Just a mean groove metal riff.I like Hate Train and Hell and Back very much. Rebel makes me wish the song would take it’s dirty spoon, and dig it’s grave.

    It’s a mystery to me why they’d decide on EOTL against Bullet.

  • Blaster of Muppets says:

    I get a lot of "Now THATS the kind of Metallica I like" reactions from people after Bullet, usually people who more or less weren’t thrilled with the Load era and prefer the old stuff. There’s just something about Bullet that matches up to the old stuff, and I like that.

  • kurt says:

    Wow, the consensus is negative on Rebel. Oh well. It’s my favorite one. Bullet and Hell and Back even up, then Train.

    I definitely agree about similar vibe between cyanide and hell and back(more "stock"), but I think Hell and Back is better. I just can’t get into repeatedly hearing suicide in the lyrics(even in the connotation of band suicide rather than the real act).

  • Tony says:

    JD, you got a point..

    afterall, It’s that met language we’re after!

  • Just my thoughts says:

    Good Metallica songs but not great. There are great parts in all but they all have some discontinuity.

    Hell and Back is probably the best overall with lyrics and music. Kirk’s solos are good.. especially Hate Train and Bullet. Wish Lars would lay off the symbol somtimes. Its like Saturday Night Live and the cowbell!

  • BoNeZ says:

    I don’t think Mustaine will ever be back in MetallicA in any sort of full time role. Jason…I love Jason, but there is no need for 2 bass players and I don’t see them getting rid of Rob. But I DEFINITELY miss Jason in concert. The energy and backing vocals just do it for me more than the "crab walk."

  • JD says:

    Dave doesn’t belong in Metallica. 27 years ago he was a good fit… now, not so much. Dave has a different style riff and solo-wise that just isn’t what Metallica progressed into.

    Seeing Jason onstage with the band was definitely bittersweet. Did he get the raw end of the deal that finally made him quite 10 years ago? Probably. He has an amazing stage presence and a powerful voice that lends to great backing vocals (and even the occasional lead). He is a great musician with a powerful downstroke on the bass… his style is different from Cliff and Rob’s – much more of a solid sound from his picking (not saying anyone style is better/worse… just different). Jason was also a fan’s fan – he came from the floor and made it to the stage – always making the meet & greets and taking time for the fans.

  • Tony says:

    yeah, I met Jason once in Detroit..he was the only one who showed up for the meet ‘n greet.

    Obviously it’s unlikely that they will be back in the band…but I wouldn’t mind it is all I’m sayin’

  • Tony says:

    I gotta say, I wouldn’t mind Mustaine being a permanent fixture in the band… Heck, even Jason.. it just felt right watching those guys together, with all that history and everything…those old songs rip… as if that old energy was there.. unreal

    and its interesting to see the difference between Hetfield and Mustaine when they’re standing right there on the same stage playing the same riff. Mustaine is kinda boring like Adam Jones from Tool. Hetfield brings his arm up and hammers it down..Mustaine seemed to just keep his hand situated in one spot the whole time..

    But that’s fine, Mustaine has his role..he’s really bad ass when you think about it.. just tearing up riffs like that with this centered aggression..

    perty cool if you ask me

  • JD says:

    I’m just acknowledging Jason and his strengths. I’m not saying that he belongs back in the band and I’m not saying anything bad about Rob.

  • kurt says:

    I definitely think Rob brings something to the band along the lines of them getting back to their old style. I think him and Jason both had good, but different, energy onstage. Rob can’t touch the backing vocals though, Jason owned that.

    Although everyone has made nice, I don’t think HQ is big enough to fit Mustaine’s ego. Even some of his comments about the 30th gig had to take a dig(at Ron, saying lloyd and hugh had to play on the songs they wrote, etc). Actually, he is one of those religious people I can’t stand: "I am a christian"…"since I’ve been saved", yet he still talks a lot of shit about people. I’ll always enjoy a lot of his music, but back in metallica, hell no.

  • JD says:

    The comments Dave made after the show were unreal. Once sec he’s reveling in the magic of it all, how cool the band was, Kirk letting him take ALL the solos… then he’s crying cause Ron McGoveney and Lloyd Grant who ALSO played on Hit The Lights – and Ron was IN THE BAND NEARLY AS LONG AS DAVE WAS. THE BAND PLAYED AT RON’S HOUSE, SPENT RON’S MONEY.

    Dave only played with the Cliff Burton era Metallica for 5 months. In fact, Ron predates Dave as Ron was in Phantom Lord/Leather Charm with James.

    Dave Mustaine get over yourself. Geez, as soon as you think thing’s are healthy this very talented, but egotistical idiot has to put his foot in his mouth again and again…

  • kurt says:

    At work, kinda busy, got all the met tunes on shuffle on my desktop all afternoon, waiting for the last patient so I can get into some Grey Goose and friggin relax.

  • kurt says:

    Well, before I left work I made a new "magnetic" cd. If you take out cyanide, eotl and S&R, you can fit all four new songs. It made for a nice listen on the way home from work.

    Have a nice weekend all, hope the Pats kill the Broncos and quiet all this Tebow hype.

  • Tony says:

    Did you guyz catch that awkwardness when Cliff’s dad was saying that Met’s got talent but what they really had was luck..and hetfield was all like pipe down old man, I earned this shit

  • Seth says:

    Fuck the Patsies. Hopefully it’s one-and-done AGAIN this year in the playoffs.

    The only hype I’m sick of is the Brady shit. What was their record the year he missed? 11-5? So important to his team…

  • kurt says:

    11-5, with an easy schedule that year, barely winning many of those games, and NOT beating any of the tough teams on the schedule. Yup, they sure as hell flopped the last two years in the playoffs, but that was primarily the fault of the defense, as will be the case this year of they flop again.

    What are you, a tebow supporter? He’s a slower Michael Vick with a weaker arm. If it weren’t for a couple of teams totally imploding, they would have have gone on that roll.

  • kurt says:

    Just bought the december 5th gig off of livemet. Listening to carpe diem now, sounds good.

  • JD says:

    I listened to the stream of the show via the iOS Metallica Live App. I was less than impressed with the mix… maybe it was the stream but, James’ vocals seemed way too high… when Diamond Head appeared on stage, Sean Harris’ vocals seemed mixed much, much better.

  • kurt says:

    I can never tell on my work computer cause I can’t really crank it up anyways. I can say that Kirk really fucked the hell out of the Shortest Straw solo…ouch. The little Anesthesia doodle was kinda cool. Please don’t Judas Me was good too.

  • Tim Tebow says:

    Seeing Jason jamming with the band was f’n great!

  • Robert says:

    Wow!! I did not know Motorhead covered this song.

  • Tony says:

    HEY!! I just thought of something.. Where was JA RULE??


  • metalica8 says:

    Yeah, they did this for the ECW soundtrack. Anthrax also covered Phantom Lord on the same cd.

  • metalica78 says:
  • KURT says:

    happy new years fellas. Hope ya have some vodka, tequilla or whatever else gets ya goin.

  • BoNeZ says:

    Happy new year! Here’s to a new MetallicA album in 2012!

  • Bleeding says:
  • Marcus says:

    Ok so I didn’t want to just jump the gun after 1 listen of the 4 DM Demos but after having some time to marinate how in the world was there not room for Just a Bullet Away (Shine) on the album? You have to take into consideration that they would’ve polished it up and layered the riffs a bit more but that’s the only 1 of the 4 that I’m actually shocked it didn’t make it.

  • Robert says:

    Watching the night 4 video with Jason singing Whiplash… I really miss his backing vocals.

  • manguy says:

    For anyone interested in having a physical CD, Beyond Magnetic will be out January 31st.

  • kurt says:

    So according to a post on blabbermouth(which I think they got from the official site) there is a 3D movie in the works, for release in 2013. But of course it said absolutely nothing about the content.

  • Yukoner says:

    Yeah I just read that too, I wonder if it will just be some concert action or another ‘experiment’ maybe?

  • kurt says:

    Over on blabbermouth there is a met article. Lars and Kirk commenting on the next record. Shorter songs, a "heavier" black album. More groove, less complicated were some of the descriptions. I think it said they were 7-8 songs into it. It also had more commentary about the movie. Some mixture of performance and film(compared to song remains the same, which was goofy as shit IMO).

  • JD says:

    Hey guys… I’ll clean the spam up shortly. Apologizes for that… I’ve been swamped working on other sites of mine that were totally hacked.

    I’m guessing that a full site overhaul is imminent just to get it to some safer software that powers the site. I don’t really don’t have the time for it, but will try to get something going here really quick.

    Have been listening to Beyond Magentic quite a bit. Will try to post some thoughts on it all now that we’re a few weeks post release.

    If everyone has a sec, check out Marjorie’s Cane – local band I’ve been helping out with webstuff and the like.

  • Mark says:
  • caspian says:

    No news for a while, guess that means they’re writing! C’mon dudes throw us a bone or two eh. Also it really shouldn’t take 2 years to write/record…

  • Minus Human says:

    Surprising to read the dislike for RebelOB..i fucking love it.

    Minus Human

  • JD says:

    Well, picked up Beyond Magnetic on CD today. Gotta have the physical CD, even though I’ve had the songs for almost two months now.

    The lack of liner notes was sad. Not even a note saying that these were rough mixes…

  • kurt says:

    I picked it up a couple of days ago too. Sure enough, nothing special about the packaging. I also picked up the new lamb of god, who are one of my favorite of the younger bands(even though they have been around for a while). I’m not liking it that much though. Wrath was better, and even more so the three before that.

    So of the recent releases here is my pecking order:

    1. Machine Head/locust
    2. Beyond Magnetic
    3. Anthrax/worship
    4. Mastodon/hunter
    5. Megadeth/13
    6. Lamb of God/resolution

    Megadeth and Lamb of God were major disappointments IMO. And so far I’m not overly impressed with what I’ve heard of the new Van Halen stuff.

    Been watching that series Justified(I think a TBS or TNT show) on itunes. It’s pretty good.

    I know most of you hate em, but GO PATS. Fuck them Giants.

  • JD says:

    Kurt, I also picked up the new Megadeth a while ago. Found it pretty generic and boring… just lacks the Megadeth attitude to me.

    Metallica never really lost it to my ears. They still have a spark and while some of the material might not be as top notch as others – they’ve never seemed to jut go threw the motions like Dave & Co. do.

    The Anthrax sounds amazing… it’s well produced, maybe a little too produced with just layers and layers and layers of guitars and vocals. Very well written music and very dense…. Joey’s vocals are a sore part but don’t totally suck the life out of the album – there’s some cool harmony/melody vocal parts, even.

    I also got the new Lacuna Coil. I liked Lacuna a lot. I want to like this album and there’s some good stuff on it… but, it’s starting to seem very generic musically. Like the band’s instrumentalist’s go in and record a ton of music and hand it over and say ‘Ok, here’s the music – you guys add the vocals.’ The cover of Losing My Religon is terrible – the original is just such a great, classic song, with a cool riff/hook and they sucked the life out of it (whereas, their cover of Enjoy the Silence was pretty good). The album has high points and it’s not really terrible – but, it just seems so lifeless.

    Mastodon – I have it, I don’t hate it and I don’t love it. Again, just sorta seems to miss the mark a bit.

    I have discovered a band called Grey Britian. Really cool stuff… real old school punk approach with music just a little more tech than old school punk (just a little, still very old school).

    I’ve been giving Dillinger Escape Plan a few more listens, too.

    Everyone should go check out Marjorie’s Cane (google ’em and like ’em Facebook – please). Detroit band, pretty powerful sounding for a local band. Stoner vibe – two lead vocalists, one of whom does a pretty good Layne/Cornell at times. Some really cool downtuned chugging goodness.

    I might get slaughtered for this one… there’s a band called Mumford & Sons. They’re something I appreciated – I don’t even own the album yet. Very non-metal. I liked the stuff I’ve heard – again, not metal at all. A big, pop artist does a cover of their tune Blank White Page that just floors me. A great performance by Taylor Swift – there I said it, caught me totally off guard.

    Everyone should check out Ghost as well. That’s cool stuff right there, too.

    I don’t care who wins the Superbowl – I just wanna hit a square.

  • kurt says:

    You know, I’ve been interested in checking out Ghost, maybe I’ll sample some on itunes here at work.

    I’m a metal guy, but can appreciate some pop stuff if it’s good and somewhat unique. For the most part I get my fill of it from the wife. When she’s in the car she pretty much controls the tunes. My kids are loving Five Finger Death Punch, but to me it just seems all to computerized and perfect, no feel. Most of the lyrics are generic as hell too, with just about every action movie cliche you’ve ever heard.

  • EET FUK says:

    kurt, about a third of the new VH is decent–As Is, Stay Frosty, China Town, Blood & Fire, You & Your Blues are all pretty good. The remainder is kinda weak, sadly. The band sounds great–Dave’s vocals (and the lack of Mikey’s backing vox) are the weak link on this album. Interesting to speculate what Sammy (and MA) could have done for this music.

    The only BM track I have lost interest in is Rebel-just doesn’t flow well to my ears…the rest are in heavy rotation in my car. The new Anthrax has grown on me…really dig Devil You Know.

  • JD says:

    I have a post coming about Beyond Magnetic. Just need to write it….

    I’m of the opinion right now that the only song that should’ve been close to making the album is Hell & Back… not that the others are bad, they’re just not as… um, finished?

  • kurt says:

    I agree about Hell and Back. For me the weakest track is Hate Train. I don’t hate it, and thought James vocals for it were better live, but some of it just doesn’t sound quite right to me.

    I’ve recently seen an interview with the guys talking about the progress on the new material, which leaves me baffled as to why the hell Lars said 2013 at the earliest. Obviously I know they work at a slow pace by now, but it still shouldn’t take that much time. Of course they keep adding shitloads of gigs this summer.

    I’ve actually been on a bit of an Anthrax binge lately, having their tunes on shuffle on my ipod while I’m at the gym. I have about 5 of the songs on worship on it, but I have to say I think the song "judas priest" sucks. Too damn goofy for me.

    JD, I think I recall you saying your a little into star wars stuff. The recent book, Darth Plagues, is pretty good. Lots of little tie-ins to what eventually happens in the prequels.

  • JD says:

    The biggest problem with Hate Train is that I find the verses weak. The chorus is pretty damn cool… although, James’ vocals are a bit high in the mix and well, could use some harmony vocals to fill it up a bit.

  • kurt says:

    Well I’m outta here for the weekend. Hope you all have a good one, super bowl party or whatever.

    Damn good to see a little conversation here. I don’t go to many sites and it’s been quiet here lately.

    And I did buy Ghost on itunes, much more poppy than I figured. I’ll have to hear this in the car for sure.

    C ya.

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