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Hot off the presses: Metallica will headline the Download Festival at Donington in 2012 and will play the entire self-titled Black Album in its entirety! Lars announced this on BBC Radio One, where he’ll be appearing for the next hour and half or so.

Update from

Yes boys and girls, it’s that time of year again when we attempt to come up with a clever new way to announce that we will be spending part of our summer in Europe playing festivals… you know how we need to have a European fix every summer! And our first announcement brings us to the most hallowed of rock grounds, Donington Park, for our return to the Download Festival. The three day festival runs from June 8-10 and we take the stage right smack in the middle of it on Saturday, June 9, 2012.

This year’s European trek has a twist… to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Download Festival, the dudes who run it asked us how we felt about playing ‘The Black Album’ in its entirety and we thought “hold on, that could be really cool since it is technically the tail-end of the 20th anniversary of the release (August ’91).” So come hang with us for the 2012 version of our European Summer Vacation featuring ‘The Black Album,’ with the exclusive stop in the UK on June 9.

Weekend with camping tickets go on sale at 9:00 am Friday November 18 from Vodafone customers may buy tickets 48 hours before they go on general sale at 9:00 am, Wednesday, November 16 at Download RIP ticket packages are available now and do sell-out quickly – click here.

Met Club members should log in for more information about a special pre-sale.



  • manguy says:

    Awesmome. Which means hearing: Dont Tread On Me
    My friend of Misery (entire song)

    for the first time.

  • kurt says:

    That’s awesome, always have an itching for never before played songs. Now get over it and play Frayed Ends of Sanity!

  • Yukoner says:

    This I will have to get off of! Misery, finally, and yes of course Struggle and Tread

  • Yukoner says:

    doubtful, but it would be nice to see Jason invited up for this.. especially for Misery

  • Invisible Kid says:

    Nothing like waiting 21 years for Metallica to perform My Friend Of Misery (plus Tread and Struggle) live in concert… it’s only one of the greatest songs of all time, which includes one of the greatest bass lines of all time… better late than never. Looking forward to hearing and seeing it played live. Intrigued to say the least to finally hear James sing this one live. Too bad Jason quit the band, maybe he’ll get an invite or at least an honorable mention. He should really be on bass during that performance, it’s his killer bass line after all… Rob will definitely do it justice though, I’m not worried about that at all. Now all we got do is stay alive until then…

  • Invisible Kid says:

    The real question that’s on everybody’s mind is… when do we get to hear Lou Reed and Metallica perform Lulu live in it’s entirety?

  • BoNeZ says:

    It has some live performances up of Loutallica playing some songs from Lulu and a Velvet Underground song, White Light/White Heat…

  • Invisible Kid says:

    Thanks for the link… where’s the live versions of Pumping Blood and Frustration?

    Just as I expected, these songs are even lousier when played live… not impressed (I was impressed to see Lou helping out on guitar, though). I felt this was a bit of a chore to watch and listen to, it would of helped if they had some stronger songs to perform live. Indeed, very weak stuff… just look at all the brainwashed Metallica fanboy’s in the audience, they all look bored as hell. Can you blame them. This is not at all great Metallica music… this is weak sauce. Mistress Dread was dreadful to hear live, what happened to Metallica? Did they even practice playing these songs before going live in front of a bunch of brainwashed fanboy’s? Lou sounds worse live, especially on Junior Dad. I’ll never listen to the live version again, terrible performance… a live version of Pumping Blood might have saved this show, maybe.

    I’m ready to close the book (of the monumental chapter) on Lulu (unless Terrence Malick makes a music video out of Junior Dad) and move on with my life, who’s with me?

  • JD says:

    I’m not saying these are good songs by any stretch. I am saying I was surprised by the live stuff… James (in particular) seems to have a lot of enthusiasm for these songs live and just seems to be having a ball. His backing vocals on Iced Honey and White Light seem to fit much, much better than they do on the studio recordings (heck, the double bass near the end of Dragon is pretty cool, too).

    Lou Reed seems to have little enthusiasm. But, his interview shows us a little more into the thought process behind Lulu. Again, this whole thing doesn’t really work for me – but it’s nice to have some of the reasoning behind this.

    There are some very, very cool riffs on this album… it could’ve been fun to hear some of these riffs in true Metallica songs. (Dragon alone could’ve been part of some epic instrumental or Fixxxer-type epic). …and I’d love to hear more of the kinda stuff we heard in Junior Dad (which seems have the feel of Bleeding Me) on the next Metallica album.

  • Invisible Kid says:

    Seeing as how I’m one of these brainwashed fanboys (what? no apostrophe s this time?), I thought I’d give live Lulu another chance… still, I’m not that impressed, the songs don’t work well live. Just finished listening to the the interview and these guys come across as a bunch of pompous, defensive, sensitive and self centered jerks, especially Lou Reed. I would have no problem telling them to their faces how I feel about their music. It’s not great music at all and they need to quit pretending that it is and acting like some of us are ignorant artless whiners because we’re not all in love with it like they are… sorry, Lulu’s not great music. All the songs on the album I can tolerate but the ones they chose to play live here in front of other brainwashed fanboys, I’m having real hard time enjoying them. Maybe if they would of rehearsed them some more, my opinion would be different. What’s wrong with playing the whole album in it’s entirety? Some of the other songs that we didn’t get to hear live like: Pumping Blood, Frustration, Cheat On Me and even Little Dog might have made all the difference… Little Dog would of been very interesting to hear live.

    I’m listening to Dragon right now and sounds like this one is the strongest/highlight of this show for me. Why is it that they played and sounded better during White Light/White Heat? It destroyed all of the Lulu songs at this show? It just seemed to mesh better as a live performance. I bet it’s because it’s a better song and they rehearsed it a lot more than the Lulu songs. As for the enthusiasm James portrays… he’s just exciting about showing off his new hairstyle is all and he’s an excellent performer, the guy loves his job. He makes the best out of any song he plays in front of an audience… he’s a crowd pleaser.

    Project Lulu did deliver some new, fun, creative and interesting music to my ears and I thank Lou Reed and Metallica for that. But like I said before, it really is time now, to close the book on this so called monumental chapter otherwise known as Lulu and move on and/or look forward to bigger and better Metallica music.

  • metalica78 says:

    "There’s definitely a lot of rawness, honesty and openness to Lou’s lyrical approach which can be overwhelming for some, again, I can totally understand that. I’m not a big fan of Lou’s style of vocals either, but they do serve this project well, it adds to the whole darkness, lunacy and emotional suffering that I can connect with… maybe that’s why I love Lulu so much. I’m also Metallica’s #1 fan, which basically means whatever they decide to do, I hear no evil, no matter what… just another golden chapter in Metallica’s legacy."

    Dude you need to make up your mind already. either you like it or you don’t. but quit bitching either way.

  • JD says:

    I’ll confirm that Invisible Kid’s IP’s match and it appears to be the same person posting.

    I’m becoming more and more convinced that it’s Acillatem. I mean, c’mon… James is excited to show off a new hairstyle? WTF?

  • manguy says:


    I picked up on that suspicion on the first post. Its always two different screen names posting after each other. You already banned the other one, but its the same dude. One is always the super-optimist, everything is cool, lets all get long. The other is the lets be as rude and obnoxious as humanly possible type guy.

  • JD says:

    I wish I could prove it was the dude.

  • Darkestday81 says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I have been a long-time fan of this site and have been coming here for information for over 10 years now. I have never had a reason to post until now but I have a question I think someone here could answer for me.

    In regards to the LuLu project, can anyone tell me if Lou Reed actually contributed to the instrumental portion of the album? Or did he just strictly do vocals. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him play guitar or bass, or maybe both?… And I was just curious if he contributed instrumentally at all?

    Also, since I’m posting anyway, I thought I would just say thank you to everyone that helps to make this site great, because it has been my go-to place for Metallica information for the last decade, and thank you JD for all you do to make this site such a great resource for Metallica fans!


  • JD says:

    Ok, I checked on Acillatem’s old IP addresses and found that him and Invisible Kid are both using Shaw as their ISP.

    Therefore, banned.

    Invisible Kid, if you are NOT Acillatem – e-mail me.

  • kurt says:

    …and the crowd gives a thunderous applause…..I can’t believe a guy has such desire to purposely be a tool, even to the extent creating two separate "posters". Dude REALLY needs to get some action(or maybe medical attention).

  • battass says:

    yukoner, get over it. jason is not part of metallica anymore. check out popawheelie or whatever his band is called.

  • JD says:

    I think Jason’s chapter with Metallica is done. But, I think he might have a paragraph or two left in the story.

    He suggested that he would be in attendance at the SF 30th Anniversary gigs in December. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him onstage.

  • EET FUK says:

    Was talking to a friend of mine (who is a huge KISS fan) about Lulu, and made a joke that this is Metallica’s equivalent to KISS’s 1981 bomb "Music From The Elder". He began laughing and informed me that Lou Reed was involved with that record too. Wow.

  • outlawthatfailed says:

    JD I think you’re right about Jason. He pretty much confirmed he will be in S.F. for the shows. Jason also said that there will be no opening acts, due to all the special guests. Lars also said on That Metal Show that they have been rehearsing To Live,and with Kirk mentioning awhile back about how they plan to play Fixxxer at some point. The Fillmore shows could see those songs debut along with Misery, Struggle, Tread, and God only knows what else. December can’t come soon enough those 4 shows are going to be epic. Europe can get TBA in full. I’ll take it stretched out over 4 days along with a bunch of rare and hopefully never played songs. The only thing that could make it any better is if they announce the next album will actually hit before 2013. Yukoner I’ll let you know how epic Misery is with Jason.

  • $trangeR says:

    Hey Guys,

    Please check my latest song, I layed it over some "What Dream May Come" film parts. If you are in a rush then go straight to 0:42 point, that’s where music actually starts.

    P.S. I’m not sure that playing "whole albums" live is a good idea, I mean, if I wanted to listen all songs on TBA then I would just put it in my HiFi system and that’s it. IMHO, one of the fun factors of live shows is that you dont know what’s to come next. Also some songs are not ment to be played live. Having said that, it was still kick-ass to see Tallica playing whole Master Of Pupets 5 years ago… Sh*t, can’t believe it happend 5 years ago, I remember watching it like if it was just last month.

  • JD says:

    I think some album lend themselves to being played live more than others.

    I think Master of Puppets works better overall as an album and live than the Black Album. (not saying its necessarily a better collection of songs…)

    I think the Black album has an incredible sound and some their best songwriting… But, it’s less of a big overall concept or theme as some of their other stuff, and because of that might not work as good in that stadium setting.

  • kurt says:

    Well, Lulu has come and gone(already off the top 200 chart, yikes) and I’ll probably only play it as a curiosity once in a great while.

    Looking forward to the new Lamb of God in january, as well as the Black Sabbath reunion.

  • EET FUK says:

    Hey Monster, wondering how your Hetfield EMG’s sound—got the itch for some new gear and think I may pull the trigger and get a set next week.

  • JD says:

    Alex Skolnick manages to sum up how I mostly feel about Lulu, this is a great read that hits all the right points and every Metallica should be forced to read and sign off on:

    Like Alex, I think I grasp the idea and concept of Lulu as an art project – however, neither of us seem to care much for the end result.

    "Projects like

  • Bond says:

    It’s been a while since my last post. Another European tour sounds kinda good, but getting back in the studio is due. Good to hear that Rubin will re-inspire Metallica again on the next album according to
    I am sure that Metallica will take off for the holidays, besides the Fillmore shows then we will see next year. 2012 lets get it done!

  • MONSTER says:

    Hey EET, those EMG’s are great. My best friend who is a guitar wiz, played my guitar with those pickups and said they are awesome. The guy who installed them for me also said they gave a mean sound to my guitar. He’s an older guy that plays all different types of music and was really impressed with the pick ups. I put them on the LTD gray truckster and it looks good and sounds good. I know they are pricey, but they are worth it. I am thinking about getting another set to put on my ltd explorer.

  • EET FUK says:

    Thanks for the review Monster, I ordered a set today for my ltd explorer. Can’t wait for them to arrive!

  • JD says:

    Hows the sound vs the old 81/60?

  • munkeyboyman says:

    sigh……Europe gets ALL the awesome concerts.

  • JD says:

    Let’s try this out for size. Pick what might typically considered an underrated song… maybe a song that most don’t care for or it’s rarely played live… Just something outside the norm.

    I’m going with I Disappear. It’s the bands only song developed for a soundtrack and only original song not for release on an album.

    I really like the live intro with Kirk’s squealing harmonics leading into James’ clean guitar and recital of the chorus which leads us into the song…

    I know it gets a bit of flak for the ‘Hey, Hey, Hey…’ but I think it fits the feel of the song well. The verse riffs aren’t that complex and evokes a bit of Sad But True… there are some really, really cool bits to the song – the harmonics in the chorus are just mind numbing. While generally, I’m not a huge fan of guitar solo’s, this one has a cool Hendrix groove going on.

    The guitar interplay between James’ rhythm guitar and Kirk’s lead bits really work like no other ‘Tallica song. ….and some really cool rhythm guitar things going on in some parts as well.

  • The General says:

    I Disappear is such an awesome song, one of my favs. The studio version of this song has soooooo many layers of guitars, it’s sick.

  • caspian says:

    struggle within!!!! fark, I really hope they don’t just play the intro off the tape.

  • EET FUK says:

    Their cover of Killing Time is one that rarely gets played live, and the studio version is one of my all-time favs. The song really shifts gears at the solo section– Kirks solo is awesome, and James & Lars (and Jason) are absolutely crushing under Kirk’s solo. I’ve never heard a live version that came close to sounding as tight and heavy.

  • kurt says:

    Well, in going for a tune that most others do not seem to like, I’ve always liked Cure. Any reveiws and/or books I’ve read about the band have been down on this tune and when they had us vote for tunes on, I think it received either 0 or 2 votes.

    But I like it. I like the overall groove of the tune as well as James vocals. Simple bluesy rock song, sure. But hell, isn’t that what acdc and zztop have made a career out of?

  • JD says:

    EET – good pick. Heard this one today at the gym… Killing Time, the band just nails it perfectly. Amazing drum sound, amazing guitar sound, amazing vocals… and some nice back up vox by Kirk.

    The album St. Anger will always have a bad rap… there’s some definite underrated stuff on there. In particular – Some Kind of Monster is a beast. The song just grooves like just about no other Metallica tune… James’ vocals are just about perfect on it as well. Arrangement and production is a little wonky… but, it still hits pretty hard.

  • Azrael says:

    All Within My Hands is one of my favorite songs from any album, but it has weird flow that probably would make it not useable in a regular concert. Still might be interesting.
    2×4 deserves more live time. And Devil’s Dance is so much cooler live than on the album.
    Prince Charming is the one I like that everyone else hates.

    And I always have to vote for Damage, because I’ve only seen it live once in all the times I’ve seen them.

  • JD says:

    2×4 is woefully underrated… definitely qualifies and a hidden gem that generally gets ignored.

    Devil’s Dance is one of my all time faves and should always been in rotation – although, I also like the album version quite a bit, too. But, it did quite a bit of play in the late 90s.

    Damage Inc? I am so glad that I finally caught that one live after the nearly 30 live shows I’ve been to. Way back when at my first show I said I’d be happy if they played two songs… Battery and Damage Inc. Now, my tastes have changed quite a bit since then and neither really grab me like they did 20-some years ago (they’re still great tunes) – but, it was nice to finally get Damage Inc.

  • Friend of Misery says:

    Totally agree regarding 2×4, and even more so about Devil’s Dance. I especially love the guitar solo. It’s a very unique approach.

    I’ve only recently come to appreciate Damage Inc fully. There’s one riff I think is particularly cool. I’m referring to the break riff in the middle. Sometimes I can actually play it, and I like to think that I’m playing it up to speed. Although, I’m probably wrong. LOL!

  • manguy says:

    "The View" video is up on the loureedmetallica page.

    Slightly edited for length.

  • JD says:

    The 30th Anniversary shows are about 24 hours away. Lots of rumors floating around. Jason more or less confirmed his appearance in an interview floating around on YouTube. Not sure what’s true or not, but lots of speculation on Dave Mustaine, Ron McGoveney, Brian May, Tony Iommi and others… what will this week of shows bring us?

  • $trangeR says:

    Main Set
    1. The Call of Ktulu
    2. No Remorse (Full Version)
    3. The Shortest Straw
    4. Leper Messiah
    5. The Day That Never Comes
    6. Carpe Diem Baby
    7. Hate Train
    8. Please Don’t Judas Me
    9. Wherever I May Roam (w/ MetClubber John Dent)
    10. Sad But True (w/ John Marshall)
    11. No Leaf Clover (w/ Apocalyptica)
    12. One (w/ Apocalyptica)
    13. Harvester of Sorrow (w/ Jason Newsted)
    14. Damage, Inc. (w/ Jason Newsted)
    15. Motorcycle Man (w/ Bif Byford)
    16. The Prince (w/ Sean Harris & Brian Tatler)
    17. It’s Electric (w/ Sean Harris & Brian Tatler)
    18. Helpless (w/ Sean Harris & Brian Tatler)
    19. Am I Evil? (w/ Sean Harris & Brian Tatler)
    20. Seek & Destroy (w/ Jason Newsted, John Marshall, Sean Harris, Brian Tatler, Bif Byford, Apocalyptica, and the Soul Rebels Brass Band)

  • $trangeR says:

    Say Hello To The "HATE TRAIN"

    Hate is a train
    That thunders aimless through my head
    And hate is the fame
    Chained to the wheel until I’m dead

    Rage is a flame
    Creates a touch to boil the seas
    And rage is to blame
    Forever sorry I shall be

    And from a darkness I descend
    Clenching a torch of sweet revenge

    You took away tomorrow, still I stand
    I ride into the sorrow, still I stand
    You took away tomorrow, still I stand
    Straight down into the sorrow, but still I stand

    Wrath is the name
    Branding suffer onto you
    And wrath takes the shame
    And holds me down until its through

    And from a darkness I descend
    Clenching a torch of sweet revenge

    You took away tomorrow, still I stand
    I ride into the sorrow, still I stand
    You took away tomorrow, still I stand
    I sink into the sorrow, but still I stand

    And hate is a train
    A beast awakened by your call
    And hate is a train
    A beast that never slows at all

    And from a darkness I descend
    Clenching a torch of sweet revenge
    Burst into flame, the bitter end
    And shake the gates of hell again

    I’m left to drown in sorrow…

    You took away tomorrow, still I stand
    I ride into the sorrow, still I stand
    You took away tomorrow, still I stand
    You left me here with sorrow, still I stand


  • BoNeZ says:

    What an exciting week for Metallica fans! That’s a pretty crazy setlist with some nice guests. I can’t wait for the rest of the week. And a new Metallica (sort of) song?! Happy fuckin’ Tuesday to me!

  • MONSTER says:
  • JD says:

    Wow. Carpe Diem, Hate Train…. wow.

    I wonder if/hope/pray that each Filmore gig will give us a new unreleased song!?!? That would be mind numbing.

    Hate Train has some cool parts and some of Kirk’s best soloing in a long time. I love the clean bits of the chorus (something that DM seemed to miss)… but, it’s kinda easy to see why the song didn’t make the album. Of course, I’ve only heard it once at this point, too.

  • $trangeR says:

    I didn’t get "Hate Train" the first I listened, but now (after 4-5 listens) I really like it. It’s not the best MetallicA song, but it’s far-far from the worst one as well.

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