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March 2020
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When the Metallica Club (aka MET CLUB) was founded in 1994, they initially set up camp on America Online (AOL) and a presence on the Music Message Center (MMC) and eventually AOL granted Metallica its own keyword: Metallica.  The MMC became a haven for Metallica fans with the MET CLUB often posting announcements and interacting with fans.

A group of these fans went on to form the first online chapter of MET CLUB and it was dubbed: Inter Sandman (IS).

Inter Sandman (‘IS’) was the very first online chapter of the The Metallica Club. (What’s The Metallica Club? Click here for those details!)  While we are currently no longer a chapter of MET CLUB, our goals remain intact:  to unify Metallica fans from around the world via the internet! We’ve established an intricate network of fans, insiders and traders to help keep our members well informed and to fill our web site with News, Rumors and more!

‘IS’ has become a major source for news and inside info from the band, breaking major stories and delving deep inside all that is Metallica. We’ve given away prizes and thrown parties… more of the same is on the way!

What’s in it for you?
Our website contains a plethora of news, information and interactivity revolving around the Metallica world… from our News to our timeline’s, setlists, message boards, album guides and alot more.. check us out, look around, if you can’t find it.. we’ll find it for you! And when official breaking news -or hot inside stories- develops it’ll be right here on our website to read.

‘IS’ Members get countless membership benefits like cool prizes, custom Internet start page, avalible t-shirts, online chats, and more! Plus all the regular benifits that come with joining a local chapter!

So, if you’re a member of The Metallica Club, why not fill out our online form and join Inter Sandman right now?

There’s nothing to lose.. it’s free! If you’d prefer, just e-mail us your name, Metallica Club membership number, address, and your phone number (optional).

Other Local Chapters?
IS has been fortunate to have a close working relationship with other Metallica Club Chapters. Most notably The Massachussets Metallikats with whom we through one hell of a New Years Eve-Eve Bash at the Pontiac Silverdome to help usher in the new Metlenium! Other chapters like Chataholica, San Joserium, Warren Metallikats, Chapter Rochester Built and The Lone Star Militia to whom we owe a debt of gratitude for their support and their willingness to increase help spread word of the Metallica Club and our chapters.

The Metallica Club and its chapters are most definitely member involved programs, they should be a group efforts. If a chapter becomes boring, it’s as much the responsibility of the members as its chapter heads, and after all Boredom slips into the boring mind! I guess this means I’ll have to use a cliche: United we stand, divided we fall. So let’s all work together to spread the Metallica disease. (What I’m rambling about here, is that we need member input, tell me what you expect, need, desire from your local chapter).